Custom Patches

*The following applies to 2" round BSA patrol patches only. 
If you are a regular patch customer or commercial customer looking to have a custom patch made
for your event or business you can skip to the bottom of this page and email us your image for a quote.
These rules do not apply to you.
Scoutmasters and Patrol Leaders:  before proceeding:
*Patchtown encourages all troop leaders to print our PDF catalog on our home page of our stock patches
and offer it to your troop for patrol names first before offering the patrol a "custom" option.
This will save you both money and time!
 All of our patrol patches on our website are in stock and typically ship the same day.

How to order CUSTOM patrol patches:

(1) We do not make ANYTHING commercial, licensed, trademarked or ANY versions of them
      (Star Wars, Creeper, Call of Duty, etc.) please don't send it for a quote.
*Submit ONLY original images or ideas for a quote or non-licensed clip art.

(2) Email us only JPEG, PNG file types.  No other file types can be viewed...please don't send them.

(3) We do not put text on 2" custom "patrol patches" in small QTY.
      Patches with text are available, but they will have a higher minimum quantity(50).  
      The image and text determines the size and price.  Email us for a quote.

(4) If you require specific colors choose them >>>HERE<<<.
and note them in your email.

(5) Please note having a custom patch made does NOT guarantee it will be on our website for future purchase.
      Please plan ahead if you think you will need more in the future.
      Since the process/prices are the same if you reorder a custom, it's cheaper to order a larger quantity the first time you purchase.

(6) Not all of our patches on our website are available for custom changes,
please email us if you have a question about a particular patch.

7) Custom patches WILL take 21-30 days to ship
Plan accordingly there is no rush option.
Fine Print:
Important:  no changes,or refunds to custom patches can be made after 48 hours of ordering.

Patchtown reserves the right to reuse/resell any image submitted or created unless
we have been notified by you prior to ordering and requesting that it is to be exclusive.

This is how we keep your minimums low, if you do not wish us to reuse your image
for resale later on our website or to other troops please notify us via email prior to placing any order.
Items not available for resale or reuse by us are "exclusive" to you and will have a 50 piece minimum.

For a quote:
Email your image, size, quantity, and a
detailed description of your needs

Click here to email us at INFO@PATCHTOWN.COM

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